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At Sandblast, we rely on volunteers to keep our projects going and to continue advocating for the Saharawis. If you are passionate about human rights, love the arts, and want to share your skills to contribute to meaningful and positive change, then volunteering for Sandblast is perfect for you! We welcome those with different levels of experience and interest and need volunteers to help with both our internal operations as well as our projects, like Desert Voicebox, in the camps.
Getting involved as a volunter with Desert Voicebox, our after-school English and music programme in the camps, is an incredible opportunity! In the past, volunteers for Desert Voicebox have facilitated creative visual arts workshops, given music lessons, given pedagogical training to our teachers, and more. If you are passionate about early childhood education, Desert Voicebox is the place for you!
"When a volunteer comes and does something new, the children really focus and enjoy it. Each volunteer leaves their mark on the children."
- Fatimetu Malainin, Desert Voicebox teacher
Why Volunteer?
By volunteering for Sandblast, you will have the chance to:
Improve your professional skills
Increase your knowledge of the Saharawi cause and the wider region
Gain valuable work experience
Meet other people interest in human rights activism, arts, and culture
Become part of an international solidarity community
Enhance your CV
"It's so rewarding to be able to use song and music to communicate. And also encouraging the students' creativity, not only their musical skills."
- Georgia Lomax Thorpe, music teacher volunteer 2020
Volunteering can make a difference to the Saharawis living in the refugee camps by:
Providing opportunities for the children and students to practise their language skills with native or fluent English speakers
Building international friendships and solidarity networks while providing a chance for cultural exchange and learning
Offering a change from the norm in daily camp life
Become part of an international solidarity community
"I would love if more volunteers came throughout the year ... they add so much to the programme. They help us and they help the students."
- Georgia Lomax Thorpe, music teacher volunteer 2020
We operate on a shoestring budget, so volunteers are essential to keeping our important work going. Volunteers bring new ideas and personal experience which can positively affect the work we’re doing at Sandblast. Alongside this, volunteers can question and identify gaps which we may have missed, and offer tips and suggestions to help us improve our programming. It is also great to work with volunteers to help them achieve in education, professional life, or to just have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.
Increase our capacity to deliver Desert Voicebox classes in the refugee camps
Lead creative workshops to engage and stimulate the students
Provide training to local Saharawi teachers
Spread the word about the Saharawi cause and build international friendship and solidarity
"One hand alone cannot clap"
–Saharawi proverb
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