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UK Saharawi Diaspora Project

Fostering connections between the Saharawi diaspora and refugee community in the UK and supporting community-led initiatives

The purpose of this research project is to: 

1. Assess and understand the demographics (age, gender, education, employment, etc.) of the Saharawi refugee and diaspora community in the UK, with a particular focus in the Greater London area.

2. Identify the most important issues faced by these communities as well as their needs and aspirations through in-depth interviews, data collection and surveys, with further consultation of hard-to-reach and intersectional groups including women, youth, elderly, and disabled.

3. To use this information to respond to these needs and aspirations through future partnerships and activities with other UK groups and organizations, with a particular focus on refugee and women's rights organisations.

4. To develop a platform (virtual and in-person) for community members to build connections, foster relationships and raise awareness of their shared needs, goals, and challenges.
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Registered Charity (England and Wales) :1115288 | Companies House Registration number : 05397223
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