October 27, 2022

The Saharawi Artivism Fund

Supporting the strengthening of Saharawi civil society and encouraging small-scale
volunteer initiatives that engage the community to bring about positive change in the cultural, social and environmental lives of the Saharawi refugees.

Between 2016 and 2018, Sandblast worked in close partnership with the Saharawi grassroots
volunteer group SCAP, a campaign movement
protesting the illegal exploitation of the natural
resources of Western Sahara. The group
acted as our on-the-ground coordinators for
the Saharawi Artivism Fund (SAF), ensuring its
promotion, providing support for the awarded
projects and overseeing its implementation.

In May 2016 Sandblast and SCAP awarded five project initiatives each €500 in SAF :

  1. Awareness-raising in Ausserd camp in schools and the community about the dangers of newly-
    introduced electricity
  2. Health and nutrition campaign in Boujdour camp.
  3. After school sports and recreation club in Smara camp.
  4. Mental and physical development activities in Al-Auin camp with Saharawi kindergarten kids.
  5. “Caring for and keeping your environment clean” activities with children in Boujdour camp

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