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This page is devoted to academic research, articles, and other resources about Western Sahara and the Saharawis.
Saharawi Music in the Refugee Camps in SW Algeria
Available online via the British Library (hyperlink)
Author: Dr. Violeta Ruano
The Strategy of Style: Music, Struggle, and the Aesthetics of Sahrawi Nationalism in Exile
Available online via Transmodernity Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic world (hyperlink)
Authors: Dr. Violeta Ruano & Vivian Solana Moreno
A temple of art in the middle of the desert: Reflections on creating Motif Art Studio and the role of art in the Sahrawi refugee camps
Available to download via Routledge
Author: Mohamed Sleiman Labat
Creative teaching through solidarity networks in the Saharawi refugee camps: Desert Voicebox
Available to download via Routledge
Authors: Danielle V. B. Smith and Violeta Ruano

A journey does not consist of the
path you take, but of what you bring back with you."

- Saharawi proverb
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