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Midsummer Festival

On July 2, 2016, we joined forces with acclaimed UK music academy StaveHouse for a multi-arts mid-summer Western Sahara Festival. The event, held at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, highlighted the ongoing plight of the Saharawi refugees in the Algeria Sahara and presented our efforts to bring early music-learning to the area. We also launched Run the Sahara 2017 to raise funds for Desert Voicebox. We showed the English premieres of “Battalion to my Beat” by Eimi Imanashi, and “The Desert of the Deserts” by Samir Abujambra to provide potent contexts to understanding the Saharawi struggle.
The former, a short fictional film tells the story of a young Saharawi girl who wants to become a revolutionary soldier and the latter is a fascinating, original account of Saharawi culture and the history of the conflict in Western Sahara. The evening concluded with a collaborative performance of two artists who have both been to the Saharawi refugee camps. Poet Sam Berkson, author of “Settled Wanderers” was accompanied by darbouka player Karim Delalli playing irresistible Algerian beats.
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