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Morocco's Occupation of Western Sahara is Hindering Earthquake Relief Efforts
September 23rd, 2023
Academic Stephen Zunes explains how the people of Morocco have been poorly served by their government in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes as it is more concerned with dedicating resources to oppressing Western Sahara.
Israel Ramps up Drone Sales to Morocco for its Colonial War in Western Sahara
July 1st, 2023
Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, Morocco has acquired more and more drones from Israel, reportedly making a $22 million purchase in 2021 and creating even more asymmetry in the conflict.
Aminatou Haidar's vision for a free Western Sahara
May 31st, 2023
Haidar, a champion of human rights in Western Sahara and beyond, shares her thoughts on the future of the Saharawi cause and how she remains steadfast in her activism even in the face of violent repression.
Fifty Years of Victories and Struggles of the Polisario Front
May 18th, 2023
Tracing the Polisario Front from its inception in 1973 as a liberation movement from Spanish colonialism to its current-day status as the designated representative of the Saharawi people
Photo via Reuters/Tiksa Negeri

How Morocco is organising anti-SADR lobbying at the African Union

February 8th, 2023
Morocco's propaganda against the Saharawis and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic has proven effective in the African Union as more member states have signed on to kick the SADR out of the AU.

Western Sahara's 'frozen conflict' heats up, but world's attention elsewhere 

February 1st, 2023
Friend of Sandblast Maxine Betteridge-Moes breaks down the reality of life on the ground for Saharawis living under constant threat of attack by Morocco.

After reelection, Polisario's Ghali vows more Saharawi resistance

January 23rd, 2023
Soon after winning reelection as the head of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali declared publicly that they will not back down from the fight against Morocco, especially in light of Morocco's blatant violations of the UN-monitored ceasefire

Saharawi civil prisoner starts hunger strike in the central prison in Kenitra, Morocco

January 17th, 2023
Political prisoner, Abdallah al-Wali Lakhfaouni, initiated a 48-hour hunger strike in the Kenitra prison citing the prison's "policy of racial discrimination" and "intended medical negligence" as his motivation for the protest
Photo via Getty Images

Scoop: Morocco's new demand for Israel

January 4th, 2023
In light of Trump's "Deal of the Century," Morocco is getting increasingly cozy with Israel, with reports indicating that Israel could soon recognise Morocco's claim over Western Sahara publicly
Photo via the Independent Uganda via SA Gov Media

Museveni receives special envoy from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

December 20, 2022
President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, welcomed an envoy from Brahim Ghali to discuss the two states' warm relations and foster avenues for increased solidarity and support
Photo via Getty Images

EU Parliament scandal: the Morocco connection

December 16th, 2022
Evidence has come out exposing high-level officials in the European Union Parliament for their corruption and specifically for accepting "gifts" from the kingdom of Morocco in exchange for political favors
Get the Saharawi perspective. Read here articles and stories written by Saharawis including some fictional work
Watch Saharawi activist and champion of the "Western Sahara is not for sale" campaign, Mohamed Mahfoud Lamine, call out Morocco's greenwashing in the context of the UN conference on climate change and sustainable initiatives. 
Photo via Emma Brown Photography

Voices of a lost homeland: The poetry of Western Sahara 

September 23, 2020
This article highlights the cultural significance and beauty of Saharawi poetry, passed down orally in Hassaniya from generation to generation. Badi, pictured here, was one of the most celebrated Saharawi poets, crafting verses about his longing for his homeland and his memories of life before the Saharawis were forced into a life of exile. 
Saharawi artist Mohamed Sulaiman describes how art and the creative process can offer a necessary outlet and escape for himself and others in the camps.

"When refugee camps are mentioned, people often think it's this place where food and shelter are the primary concerns for people to live, but in our case we need something else."
Find out more about coverage generated by the work of Sandblast with the Saharawis over the years

Wilaya: In Saharawi refugee camps, education remains the strongest weapon, as Maxine Betteridge-Moes discovers

Maxine Betteridge-Moes speaks with different members of the Saharawi community about the impact English-language programs like the one offered by Desert Voicebox can have for children as the next generation of Saharawi leaders and advocates.

Desert Voicebox inspires hope in the Saharawi refugee camps

October 22nd, 2022
Desert Voicebox students and teachers speak with Caravel about how profound and necessary a programme like Desert Voicebox is in the context of the conflict in Western Sahara and how it gives children a safe outlet for their creativity.

Endless Sands of Time by Kary Stewart

Fall 2021
Desert Voicebox teacher Nanaha Bachri shares her experiences growing up in the camps and what the meant in context of her own ancestry

Spotlight on Sandblast

July 3rd, 2021
Sandblast founder Danielle Smith speaks about the situation in Western Sahara, the work being done by Sandblast, and more

Gender rights in Western Sahara: will future generations of Saharawi women maintain their position as 'owners of the tent'? by Danielle Smith

June 30th, 2021

Political Limbo and Statelessness in Africa's Last Colony by Danielle Smith and Violeta Ruano

April 1st, 2021

Fourty Years of Suffering for Saharawi Refugees from Western Sahara

November 4th, 2015

Tiris: Sandtracks Review by Robin Denselow

December 8th, 2011
Acclaimed author and journalist Robin Denselow gives Tiris a 4-star rating on their innovative album, Sandtracks, in the Guardian
Find here a selection of videos that offer valuable insights and enriching views of the Saharawis' stories

How Was Western Sahara Denied Independence? When Decolonisation didn't Mean Self-Determination

Watch Professor James Ker-Lindsay break down the historical, political, and legal context behind the Saharawis struggle for international recognition.

Why is Spain backing Morocco's claim to the Western Sahara?

Spain's troubled past as the primary colonizer of Western Sahara places it in an interesting position today. Learn more about why Spain is supporting Morocco's illegal claim to the Saharawis' land despite promising to recognise their right to self-determination.

Can the Western Sahara conflict be resolved?

Al Jazeera invites experts Sidi Omar, Yasmine Hasnaoui, and Riccardo Fabiani to weigh in on the current crisis and analyse the different claims made by international and regional actors, as well as the Polisario Front and the Saharawis

A journey does not consist of the path you take, but of what you bring back with you."

- Saharawi proverb
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