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Filmmaking is an effective tool for entertainment, empowerment and social change in the Saharawi refugee camps, in occupied Western Sahara and among the diaspora. In recent decades, more and more Saharawi filmmakers have filmed, narrated, edited, shared and archived human rights video
in collaboration with local and international filmmakers.

FiSahara (Western Sahara International Film Festival) is an annual human rights film and cultural festival celebrated in the Saharawi refugee camps. It is one of the world’s most remote film festivals, bringing together the Sahrawi population with international filmmakers and other visitors.
Learn more about the festival on their website.
You Can't Get
There From Here
2021Peter Shields &
Daniel Petkoff
Sandtracks2021Carolina GraterolinfoFull Film

A journey does not consist of the
path you take, but of what you bring back with you."

- Saharawi proverb
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