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Make a Difference: Become a Friend of Sandblast

The concept of Friends of Sandblast is to build an international solidarity and support network for our projects. We believe creating a community around our work will ensure our awareness-raising activities and the Desert Voicebox programme continue to grow in scope and impact. As a Friend, you will be acknowledged on our website and on our social media platforms!
A huge part of our mission at Sandblast is to generate awareness and build networks of solidarity. Be a voice in your community and advocate for Saharawi self-determination!
Raise the issues with your local politicians and encourage them to promote solidarity with the Saharawi cause
Go to the media to raise awareness and get the word out
Donations don't always have to come in the form of money – donating your time, skills, or anything else you can offer is greatly appreciated!
Donate your time and space – host Saharawis visiting your hometown and share your culture!
Donate your fundraising skills – come up with creative campaigns to mobilize your community to donate!
We want to encourage people from all over the world to become a friend, and being a part of our network shouldn't be geographically-limited either!
Join our private Facebook and WhatsApp groups to discuss the issues, network, and share ideas!
Connect with us on social media and repost our content or give us a shoutout to your friends!
Taking Action as an Ambassador

You can take action by bringing the message of the Saharawi people to local MPs and organisations. Check out our News & Insights page for updates on our latest call to action as well as other opportunities to take action, wherever you are in the world!

Our friends at the Western Sahara Campaign UK work in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Their role is to lobby the UK government and the EU to take action on Western Sahara and ensure the Saharawi people are granted their fundamental right to self-determination.

Other organisations working to support the Saharawi cause in the UK and Europe are Adala UK and Western Sahara Resource Watch.

Learn more by downloading the booklet below!
Download the WSCUK Booklet
"One hand alone cannot clap"
–Saharawi proverb
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