About Us

Awareness & Empowerment

Sandblast is a non-profit UK organisation devoted solely to raising awareness of the Saharawis and their struggle and empowering them through creative educational projects.

Our mission is to put their story on the map, build friendships and mobilise support for the Saharawi self-determination cause.

Promoting their voices, culture and arts is at the heart of our mission and stems from our belief that the Saharawis must be the primary agents to express their aspirations and transform their future.

Our work is informed by the Saharawis with whom we engage on a consultative and collaborative basis to understand their needs and foster self-reliance and sustainability.

Founded in 2005, we are London-based and further our mission in the UK and internationally, particularly in the refugee camps in Algeria.
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Registered Charity (England and Wales) :1115288 | Companies House Registration number : 05397223
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